Thursday, 19 November 2015

HELLO BY ADELE by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

A strong cocktail of emotions and power vocals undeniably makes one’s soul quiver. She possesses such an alluring voice that gives will to your heart, at the same time suppressing it. She leaves you twirling in emotions of mortality and incandescent peace. She gets you angry, remorseful and resentful for a love never felt. Then again soothe, bewilder and solidify you enough to be aloof and forget you had water boiling. You will find yourself dating a stranger, falling deep in love, becoming unfaithful, breaking up, and picking it up with someone else. Thereafter, call the prior seven years later. ‘Hello it’s me’. All this happens in your head.

Hello by Adele has been topping charts since its debut. It’s the type of song that brings El Nino to your heart. Everyone (read sadist) loves listening to it, Rihanna is threatened by the musical prowess and Taylor Swift needs a new ex-boyfriend. If I was in the music industry, I would probably be Beyoncé; the queen sticks to her throne. Jennifer Hudson do not be bothered, you blessed child (black American accent). All other self-proclaimed artists, well you are ‘all other’ now quit playing. Probably you haven’t been in a relationship or you are yet to care enough but once you listen you will wallow in a darkness so deep, you will crave hell. Adele is definitely hypnotic, no other song will be close enough to help you heal that open scar she leaves. With songs that are so intricately assembled- she will let you feel the fire, be kind enough to help you tender the scald only to burn you in the next album.

A series of emotional turmoil engulfed by four words, a couple of lines and one singer that can take you there. A vocal belt that can strangle you and lyrics that can put you in shambles. This is the song that defeats all the reasoning that made you save your ex-partners phone number. But if they call a thousand times just pick it. Adele managed to slay all functional relationships and make a million dollars in a week. It’s real talent, believe me.

Choose wise, choose Fetty – ‘Hey Wassup Hellnoh!!!’ and do not look for anybody, Lionel Richie was just playing.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


I cry for my people not because most of us are ingrate fools who do not know better than to elect those who will send us to oblivion on a first class ticket, I cry because we spend eight hours a day on Instagram \elnino \netflixandchill. It’s sad enough that it got real for the people at Kilifi but who cares about that when President Uhuru has his Olivia Pope all over town claiming blissful ignorance. I mean I buy my pens and furniture but I really cannot tell how much they cost. If you date the most powerful man in Kenya, you wouldn’t even know how to spell piano. Commas don’t matter here even if threatened by 40 million people. Happy side, happy life.

Politics is a Pandora’s Box; you delve far too deep then you start deliberating as to which devil sent you. Corruption cannot be done away with, it’s the means that gets them in power and also keeps them in power, and we are just manipulated into thinking that we are part of it. The liberals will insist on fighting for the greater good but as soon as they get alleviation; dining with the gods, indifferent schooling for their children and diamonds for their nagging wife, the ‘greater good’ becomes a gray memory.

Should we condemn ourselves for our wisdom is so elusive? Our leaders? For greed is their El Nino and none of them own Noahs. Anthony Mbugua for the 15 seconds of scripted messianic acts? Or Mugo and Kanyari for bagging The Best Supporting Actors 2015?

We believe in a power greater than ourselves and that power must be social media. The generation we live in does not cultivate insurgency, it cultivates likes, double taps, comments and direct messaging. We are in a century whereby vibrators are key in HIV classes, 155 dead in Paris is far much important than the 100 we lose every day in road carnage, the president is ride or die for his side chick \bonnieandclyde \relationshipgoals \usagainsttheworld. (Most people think the main chick has the power but once you meet the side, main who?)

Two weeks later we have forgotten what Dj Crème de la crème did and that’s just how quick we all get slapped. Who really runs Kenya?