Sunday, 23 November 2014


The video of a house help going ham on a two year old baby has gone viral. Anyone who comes across it only fears the worst for their baby and for those with no babies; nephews, nieces and grandchildren come to mind when they watch it. You will resign from work after watching it. 

On a normal working day, the father and his wife leave the house early in the morning entrusting their first born baby with a guardian. As normal working parents they come home late in the night and have minimal interaction with their baby.  

Over the weekend, they give the house help a day off so that she can also rest and catch up with her friends and family. The neighbor tips off the mother that her baby keeps on crying during the day but she brushes off as all babies cry endlessly for no reason.  A couple of weeks later she is asked by another neighbor whether her baby is sick because she is unusually crying throughout the day. 

The mother finally decides to take action and puts a nanny camera in the living room. What she learns thereafter makes her quit her seven digit job and becomes a full time mother. The thought of having a help at her house has since then been unheard of. A promise she made to always be independent and provide for her own children was broken that very day and she now depends on her husband. This was a full contradiction as she is a strong advocate of feminism.

She still cries every night when she goes to bed, knowing that she almost lost her only child; and not for a reason that she herself would have a peace of mind if her baby died. She did what most mothers would do; sacrifice. She gave up her ambitions, her hard work, her inspiration and her fortitude for something more precious than life itself and that is her own flesh and blood.

In the golden days women used to raise their own kids and the man used to provide for them but times have changed. Women are multitasking demanding jobs, husbands, families at home and their own children. Gone are the days when men used to solely provide. We as women have stepped up but is the cost really worth it?

A husband having no one to come home to but the help, another woman running your house like its hers, your kids adopting foreign behaviours, excessive fatigue from work and various demands from home. At the end of the day, what builds you is what will lead you to your grave. Live by the sword and die by it. Does your work weigh more than the mannerism your child adopts?  Is your promotion at work more important than watching your baby's first steps?


NO ONE WAS BORN DRESSED by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

I certainly do not support skimpy dressing and going nude but stripping a woman to nothing is a vile act and no man should go unpunished. When I feel like showing a little bit of skin, it does not mean that you idiotic, downright shallow man should feel at liberty to leave me bare; I simply decided to get a little vitamin D and air above my knees.

Whether I am aping the western culture or I seem to have forgotten my roots is simply none of your concern. God gave us all freewill. The way I use my freedom and the way you use yours may be as parallel as Uhuru and Raila but that again is none of your concern.

Men seem to have an opinion about everything women do yet they have never been a woman for one single minute in their lives; they wouldn?t even survive as one. A woman?s dressing is her business; no one knows what she is after or her reasons for her sense of style. In her head she might be feeding five children at home and that?s the dress code that puts a meal on her table. I bet the man who gave her those five kids is somewhere doing nothing which is in common with all you men stripping off her clothes.

Everyone has an opinion about everything. The people sitting by the road side drinking chang'aa and ogling at anything on two feet are even more opinionated than the man sitting at his office trying to provide for his family. If anything, the man who initiated this act is rumored to have been ignored by this "poorly-dressed" lass and hence the outrageous act. When you have nothing to offer, no sensible lady would give you the time or day. I bet if this man offered her clothes instead of public humiliation, he might have gotten himself a wife even.

On the other hand, ladies be mindful of where you are. Don't misquote me, dress however you feel like but make sure you have a car and security behind you before you step in some areas. Above the knee clothing are not fully embraced by the whole society but they can be dressed where there is civilization and order. 

Unfortunately it's not yet your dress your choice but your dress, the society's choice. If you see a man sagging his pants, kindly drop them down.