Friday, 22 May 2015


Sharon Mundia, better known as This is Ess started her website in January 2012 whereas Joy Kendi started a year later in 2013. They both run numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter which they use to showcase their work and engage with their fans. Both very talented fashion bloggers.

This is Ess has quite a following on her social media accounts compared to Joy Kendi but this is given to the fact that she had a one year head start. Despite this, I believe more people tend to identify with Joy Kendi’s work. This is merely due to the fact her posts are what we refer to as ‘raw’ or natural. This is Ess tends to have her posts being professionally done though both remain at their top of their game.

This is Ess does an extra segment that involves travelling whereas Joy Kendi lies more on the DIY segment. Definitely the audience would rather educate themselves more on how to look good affordably more than going to new expensive places as many online magazines act as an expose for new places. Joy Kendi definitely tops this one.

You definitely have more chance in getting a response from This is Ess as compared to Joy Kendi. Life is unfair. This is Ess can generate up to 200 responses in a day’s time compared to Joy Kendi who generates up to 150 response. This may be due to the fact that she does carry a larger audience. I give this one to Ess.

Joy Kendi is not only known for her exquisite taste in fashion but she also partook in Kenya’s leading series 2012/2013. She is also into advertisement and has recently done one on. And last and definitely not the least, she has been recognised by the syndicated Wendy Williams.

Most people do not know this but Ess’s favorites body part is her brain and loves to sing. She works as a radio personality at Capital FM and doubles up as an online writer of their lifestyle segment. She is a two time award winning BAKE Award winner for 2014/2015 and 2015/2016.

The two are definitely top of their game, both diverse but united by their love in looking good. Nothing is better than two ladies winning. They are definitely serve as an inspiration to all. The next in line are ‘TWO FASHION DORKS’ who not only know how to put great pieces together but also have great personalities that tags along. Follow their blogs on .

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

IS HE A MAN OR A WOMAN? by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

Most women look for partners in life keeping in mind the three rules; must be tall, must be handsome and must be paid. The latter was added for no one in this generation wants to be associated with poverty. Right decisions but wrong motives. Focus on what is important like the bank account. Men, they are right in the beginning then swiftly move to the wrong after a couple of minutes. Typical. Don’t right their wrongs unless they write them down for real has become a trend whatever happened to being a man? I wouldn’t even know since I haven’t met one yet. Sigh.

You pay the water bill, lighting bill, rent, transport, service the car, provide the food, provide the roof, provide the warmth, this providence list can go down all the way to Abraham. A woman should never have to take up all expenses if she is accommodating someone resembling a man. In fact she shouldn’t even take up half unless he proposed to her on a mountain loft. Or he got you a Bentley. Neither has nor will ever happen to you, yet you act like Oprah. Provide one more thing in that list and I hate to break it down to you but you are dating yourself. This is a sin. Jesus didn’t die for you to be an ATM. Do not cash out until he cashes in.

Television needs wiring, your telephone sounds like there is an ICC witness at the end of the line, the showerhead keeps falling off, the microwave is like the electronic voter system has never worked and you never hear the doorbell. Sister you are not deaf, blind nor are your nerves malfunctioning. He doesn’t even know where you kept the spanner nor the hammer. You have a baby brother right there and you don’t share blood. Get that DNA done. He is not what he seems to be; that’s Bruce Jenner in the making.

You still carry your luggage to the car, you just started fixing the shelves, you carry his briefcase and start wearing the pants. This is a given; you are two people with estrogen. Clearly he has more than you; no lady is allowed to carry her own bag unless she is Audrey or was it Andrew? If you are already at this stage, you need to stop being gay.

Friday, 15 May 2015


With so many deaths and numerous injuries accruing due to floods in Kenya, it leaves us wondering whether we will need an ark and where is our 21st century Noah? A moment of silence for all victims of this saddening calamity.

Somewhere in Nyeri, a saved drunkard is wondering when Jesus is coming to change all this water into chang’aa (local brew).

If cheap liquor doesn’t wipe us out then Mother Nature surely will. But who is to blame? The government for not building proper drainage systems? The citizens for falsifying the obvious results of littering the environment? The Chinese for simply being Chinese plus we blame them for every malfunction? You and me for not taking initiative to follow up our leaders’ responsibilities? The leaders for requiring you and me to remind them that indulging in development money is bad for business? A trail of questions, yes?

‘We as common mwanainchi shall stand and not fail’ we said this before elections, during elections and during some strikes too. Soon after our morale died along with the attacks, the failure of the government to keep its people safe, the drought, the incompetence of the leaders to merge technology and agriculture to get better produce and now swept away with the floods, the pain of backtracking and the agony of having to begin all over again. The one mistake we made was not electing poor leaders. We will always pin the misfortunes we go through on the people we elect but when will we look in the mirror.

You eat that chili flavored potato crisps covered with a tinge of salt and gallons of vinegar while rushing to your afternoon class, the polythene bag goes away as the taste of the last crisps fading; ten of you do this unconsciously but in unison. He eats sweets as he is diabetic, feels better then eats two more not to leave his taste buds hanging, she eats biscuits, she smokes a full pack of cigarettes and another one gets on that ‘chips funga’ (takeaway fries) as he can’t afford to sit down, the rain is coming.

Hundreds of thousands do this unconsciously and just to notify you we are a little over three million people, the ones who do this consciously claim to be putting food on the table for the cleaner. Sigh. Again with the backward thinking. We are all so caring and sharing. What a good people, correct? Wrong. I will not stand on a moral high ground and pull a Wangari Mathai on you but I will tell you to build your own ark if you are going to cause your own flood.

Shout out toall those in Rongai. \dryasabone \wedemboys \myamarula

Thursday, 14 May 2015

I AM A MUSLIM, NOT AL SHABAB by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

Cripples, blind, albinos, Blacks, Asian, Jewish, Muslim and to some extent women are the chosen minority in the world. But who determines this list? We live in a world that depicts different as unsubstantial. Therefore anyone or anything that is not of, for, by, with the majority is perceived to be of lesser value. Being different is a curse. I am not sure which SI unit is used to establish which human is better than the rest in our existence. However, the methods/procedures/protocols they use to arrive at certain conclusions are definitely faulty and they should find a replacement.

Diversity is meant to be embraced so that we can all be unified by the fact that we are different but yet the same. This has now been corrupted into thinking diversity is seclusion of the most deserving in the world from those who deserve death. At the end of it all we all suffer the same catastrophe; six feet under. Everyone’s mindset seem to take a reverse sail of there are those that are more equal than others. Hence losing vision that we are all joined by love and coerced to live in the same universe. We live together and we will die together.

Being Muslim has now been associated with violence, unrest, fear and war. The veil no longer stands for decency, it serves as an instigator of violence. Unworthy and despised. Anyone with curly hair and a light skin tone is now considered a threat, a menace waiting to happen, a dormant mountain erupting, it’s no longer as pure.

Because of other people’s wrong choices and their strife to rebel. The entire religion suffers. Everyone undergoes scrutiny. No one is spared and no one will be allowed to be free. Doomed to suffer the confines of a sacred religion, of the subscription to follow and obey Allah. Scrutinized for choices is one thing but being discriminated and intimidated due to spirituality is inhumane. Don’t persecute because you don’t read from the same scripture, persecute yourself for not adhering to your own.

We as comrades need to move beyond backward and unsubstantial thinking, ape-like comments must stop. We need to create a form of healing for our fellow students and use this as a momentum for larger and more important structural issues. This is a starting point for unity. Be the flag bearer. Be the inspiration to the rest of the population that indeed Muslim, Christians, Pagans and all other denominations can live peacefully. You must be the first.

With that said, I welcome all students from the Moi University branch; Garissa Campus, here you will find a home.

Sunday, 10 May 2015


I recently decided to go back to the Genesis of the blog, reminiscing the times I had just started writing. Man those were the days! I would write up to two thousand words worth of an article bearing eight paragraphs each having fourteen lines and in each twenty words, all in one hour. I was quite the writer you would say; messy in every sense of the word.

But I didn’t care, I still wrote and forced everyone who I considered literate to wallow in my new found obsession. Apologies to you all, let’s just say I was young and determined. I was able to write during the day, the evening, the morning, Heck! Even during the afterlife I would have written.

While I was quietly reprimanding and congratulating myself on the growth and the need to do better, my seven year old nephew comes and stands beside me. Probably expecting me to be playing our favorite family game; subway surf. Then he sees my picture which is usually at the bottom of the blog. ‘Unafanya?’ he asks. Common inquiries by children below see level (play hide and seek with him and lose fifty pounds).

I vividly expounded to him what it is I normally do and as expected he takes no interest and goes to his next agenda like mine was of no consequence. I have never had my work being treated like a side "chic" but (sigh) men these days.

At no point did I pay attention to his reaction, was there a reaction to begin with? Up to date. The more I think about it the more it buffers me. Of course seven year olds should not find reading interesting, I am grown and I still don’t find reading interesting unless its zeros after the one in my bank account. But the level of his disregard, makes me want to go back to the drawing board.

Enough said.

Dear writers, writing might become extinct in a couple of years. I have conducted research using one sample representing a whole country of children. Not entirely research but you get what I mean. Writing is art and with art comes a lot of passion, sacrifice and requires a lot of soul. With that said, next time don’t treat writing or reading like a side dish. It is the main! That is why you are reading this right now.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

MOTHERS OVER FATHERS by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

When I am asked what my greatest fear is, I go mediocre and mention the likes of cockroaches, snakes, spiders, and of course on everyone’s list; the dark. Mostly because I never really quite put much thought into it, sometimes I stretch it and say fear itself. This is just to deter people’s thoughts and to seem mischievously witty and add a little spice of drama to it. 

One day while reveling (read enduring) the breeze at Moi University’s great academic walk my mother calls. Like all mothers, she calls randomly and talks for centuries on. I have no scuffle with this because I tend to relish in her long talks; they have a calming effect.

Sometimes I do not pick up; depending on the location, nature and state of my surroundings. If you have been to University, you need no explanation. Mother, if you are reading this, my blog has been hacked; I promise. Aside from that, this time I picked the call, we conversed about everything and everyone and in due time I had already reached my place. At the end of the call, I realized something that I have never paid attention to.

Contentment. Zeal. Ease. Relieved. It’s like bursting out an overbearing secret, or like feeling hungry in the middle of the night then waking up only to find leftovers, or staying up until late to write an article about your mother. Its unexplainable, its mystical, it’s the undying ‘yes’ feeling we all experience once every black moon and it’s downright mine. So what is my greatest fear?

Losing my mother. The meaning of treasuring someone has been demeaned and regarded as something of monetary value but when I say treasure I mean exactly that and in that order. When you treasure someone to the core of your very being, their status becomes automatically elevated to the top, your whole existence is covered with their ambiance and halo. You get to realize that one plus one can actually be one. The kind of love a mother gives is unfathomable hence the saying ‘a face only a mother can love’ meaning everyone might go blind upon seeing you but a mother would still call you a handsome boy. Not to sound sexist.

A mother would blow your nose with the corner of her best blouse, she would take her saliva and wipe of food from your face, she would hit you with a dirty slipper only to give you a bath, let’s not forget the way they would tie a handkerchief around our waist so as not to lose it, or put coins for snacks in a handkerchief and of course singing lullabies and soon after beating us so that we can sleep faster.

If thank you could be able to feed all the sacrifices, turmoil and pain you have gone through I would be happy but just like 2 Pac I only want to show you that I understand; you are appreciated. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015



How long have you been modelling?FOR ABOUT FIVE MONTHS. SINCE I FINISHED  HIGH SCHOOL.




Every model usually works on contract, which company are you currently working  for or have worked for? CURRENTLY AM WORKING WITH ELDORET FINEST  MODELING AGENCY (EFMA) AND AM ALSO LOOKING FORWARD TO JOIN BIG  COMPANIES IN THE FUTURE. GODWILLING.

How is your availability? Do you work part time, full time or any hours?FOR NOW  I WORK ANY HOUR BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE MUCH RESPONSIBILITIES TO TAKE  CARE OF.

Different models serve different brands, what would you say your brand is? What  cause do you stand for?I STAND FOR HELPING WOMEN AND THE LESS  FORTUNATE IN THE SOCIETY BY OVERCOMING POVERTY.

What makes you stand out if you were to be grouped with fellow models? What  do you bring to the table that you think other models do not? EVERY PERSON HAS  SOMETHING THAT MAKES THEM STAND OUT OF THE GROUP. I BELIEVE MY  BODY BEING  SLIM AND ALSO MY SMALL WAIST WILL STAND FOR THAT.

Most models usually support different products or services by partaking in  advertisement, have you done any advertisements so far?YES.I HAVE  PARTICIPATED IN A SHOWCASING FUNCTION, KITENGE FASHION FEST.

Of recent days, being a model and being a socialite has a light shade of difference  between them, do you feel like you are any different from them?YES. A  SOCIALITE IS MUCH MORE POPULAR THAN A MODEL SINCE THEY ARE WELL  KNOWN OF THEIR FASHIONABLE SOCIETY AND OFTENLY ATTEND SOCIAL  EVENTS. BEING A MODEL DOES NOT PARTAKE MUCH OF THAT.


With such a big and varied ambition of becoming a successful model, have you  taken up any model related course?NO. I DON’T THINK MODELING WOULD  REQUIRE MUCH LIKE HAVING TO STUDY FOR IT BECAUSE IT IS SEEN AS A TALENT  OR HOBBY IN SOMEONE.

Being a model is identified as one of the hardest careers world over as it involves  what is visual. With that said how many times do you work out? What is your diet  like? And do you use any or recommend any beauty products?I RARELY WORK  OUT  PRETTY MUCH BECAUSE I HAVE A GIVEN BODY. I ALSO DON’T HAVE TO BE  ON A DIET TO MAINTAIN MY BODY.I NORMALLY USE THE COMMON BEAUTY  PRODUCTS.

People come in different shapes and forms and this limits one to a particular style  of dressing. Are you flexible to wear any kind of clothing? What are your  limitations?I AM FLEXIBLE TO ANY KIND OF CLOTHING. BUT THAT DOESN’T  MEAN I DON’T HAVE LIMITATIONS. I ALSO HAVE TO BE KIND OF EXPERIMENTAL,  DECENT BUT PROVOKING.

Most people do not value modelling as a career, what do you have to say to  them?MODELLING IS FAR MUCH AS A CAREER. WE DO WHAT WE DO  BEST SO  LONG AS WE YOU GAIN SOMETHING FROM IT.

Sunday, 3 May 2015


Cases of comrades suffering food poisoning, typhoid and spending more time in the restrooms as compared to lecture halls has definitely been on the increase. Evidence being; shopping bags consisting of ten pack rolls of tissue paper instead of the normal four pack that would last a semester. Of course knowing our beloved dispensary and their quack prescriptions that involve Flagyl for a fracture and a bandage for an intestine rapture, nobody is ever cured. If symptoms persist seek your own advice; otherwise you will be treating an ailment that you never suffered from.

I have been a fan of walking since ‘neveruary’ so the few times that I walk I do not expect to; have my closed shoes becoming slippers, abruptly switching my color pattern (I hate brown), looking like I hail from somewhere in Budalangi (‘naomba admin itusaidie’) nlor washing my feet at every stop I make. Complaints have run for centuries now and would probably not end but I will not stop until there is change or rather until I can afford my own car. I doubt I will stay here that long.

This period is definitely a throwback for Pharaoh and his people if they were still here only that they got locusts instead of Nairobi flies. Personally I have never had the extreme pleasure of exchanging acid with the creature but recently one of them decided that my beauty is too much. Having a scarred face is no big deal, just ask Michael Jackson, Vera Sidika and now one of your own; Daisy Waitherero. These are the days we say beauty lies on the inside and frown on anyone who says leave that to the worms. The flood gates have just broken lose therefore dear comratdes shake your clothes after hanging and avoid a stripped black and red insect.

It’s a dry spell during a rainy season. Everyone seems to be broke during these times. Those used to boarding a motorbike twice a day have now resulted into once a week and only if there is a CAT. Those used to eating out have now started scramming for their lost sufurias. Those who have not paid rent still haven’t paid rent yet. There is no longer the haves and the have not’s; everyone is in the have not’s category. Keep calm end month is coming, parents are getting paid. For more encouragement stay with fellow comrades and read Ecc 3; 1-3.

Last but definitely the most heartfelt. Moment of silent for the 10 comrades we have lost since beginning of this semester and for the 147 comrades that have recently passed on. It is with utter despair and deep found love that embrace us with the departure of each comrade. I speak on behalf of all comrades and send earnest condolences to the families and friends of the victims. May God be with you. Rest in Peace.