Saturday, 3 August 2013

TO DREAAM OR NOT TO DREAM?? by paul masha

``I have a dream.``This is perhaps one of the most famous phrases in the whole wide world.Maybe I am wrong or maybe I am right but all the same we all have heard of this phrase.To some extent we all relate to this phrase since most,if not all of us,have a dream or an ambition for that matter.
I remember vividly my high school days when that success blinded principal took to the podium an amazing three weeks in a week just to echo that Martin Luther King phrase and tell of the big things he used to dream for his school.True to his `dreams`,it all came true and the school is flourishing.
I had to take you back  those days since that was the birth of my open-mindedness about life.Many of us have dreams but again most of them end up as piped dreams.Let us get it straight here,i am not in any sense of the word on a mission to `kill` anyone`s dreams.I am just stating facts that come with  living on this planet.
I am pretty sure that you my reader at some point in your life `had a dream` that you will become a doctor,a surgeon maybe?no..a pilot?well well,we all did,look at where we are now.As the pilots are flying miles above sea level you are seated there reading my article.Some people actually live their dreams and after a carrying out a thorough autopsy of the situation i have come up with a remedy to those with unfulfilled dreams.This might just be another false alarm which i hope it is not.But my remedy to this issue is for you to stop chasing your dreams.YES!Stop chasing your dreams.
At this point you probably think i am crazy but vis a vis that fact I might just have found the solution.Look at from this angle,you have spent or rather wasted the better part of your life chasing a dream yet it  hasn`t come to pass.Its time to devise another strategy my dear reader.
I suggest that you dont chase your dreams since thry run away from you the more yuo chase them.Let your dreams breath and attack them with the stealth of a hunter from the flinstones age.That is the best method to live a dream.Dreams work like people,if you attack at an unexpected moment then you are almost certainly guaranteed success in whatever youn are undertaking.Just when evrybody thinks you are done and dusted,dead and gone,thtats when you bounce back and i can assure you that this method is tried,tested and satiffied by yours truly.
So next time you think about chasing a dream,no matter how good you think you are at that particular field,do not chase the dream,take an a step at a time and you are guaranteed success.However this method is only for the brave at heart and those who have a stash of patience stacked  somewhere at the corner of their minds alongside their dreams.Don`t be fooled by the successes and the failure of some people you might know.We all have our own blueprints and least you write yours,this cruel world will write one for you and I cant promise that you will love the outcome.Sadly i cannot tell you what to do since you have a brain but it is my hope that this article influences your your future judgements.