Saturday, 3 August 2013


 Judging by the tittle of this article,you probably have a slight idea of what i intend to write.In the land of the wise men who brought this language to our innocent land,thee exists a soccer team called Arsenal.You probably know this already since arsenal has the largest following of all the English premier league clubs in Kenya,and yo probably are a fan of this team.
Its funny that some years back this team actually gave the likes of Chelsea and Man U a serious run for their money in the premiership tittle race.Back then they boasted some of the biggest names football has ever seen.Talk of Thierry Henry,Robert Pires,Jens Lehman,Patrice Vierra,Antonio Reyes and more recently the flying Dutchman RVP and Cesc Fabregas.But those days are long gone now and the dream team is nowhere to be seen,maybe in the stands with the rest of the fans.
Come the present day and arsenal are fighting to keep up with the likes of Tottenham and Everton.Meanwhile their one time rivals from manchester casually danced their way to the tittle.Talk of the tables turning.Arsenal under Arsene Wenger tend to think that young blood wins trophies.On the contrary,young blood only fills the stands with pretty women and nothing more then that.Until recently when he brought the likes of Santi Carzola to the team,they were basically chasing shadows.Not that the situation is saved anywhere.
Come to Nairobi during a premiership weekend an d find loyal fans of this struggling team patriotically standing with their team after an 8-2 thrashing by their big brothers Man United.Being an Arsenal fan has been officially rated by this article as the toughest job one can have followed closely by presidency.But until directed otherwise,this fans show no signs of letting their team walk alone,atleast not in the near future.