But as fate would have it on any day,only a chosen few get to enjoy a taste of this fantasy called fame,especially in a country like ours where opportunities are dangled from a string and only those strong,or rather brutal,enough get the few opportunities.Unlike in the western countries where opportunities greet you on the streets as you go minding your own business,in Africa a whole different picture is painted.In Kenya the odds of one getting famous are as slim as the drying of the R.Nile.And if you end up in the lucky bracket of thew few who end up making it to stardom,your fame is surely not guaranteed.
 We have had our fair share of `celebrities`,year in,year out.most of this people gained their short lived celebrity status` through rather weird means,but i guess fame is fame regardless of the means u earn it.
However,Kenyans are Kenyans. You should never underestimate Kenyans ability to contract amnesia when it is least expected.Who possibly remembers a certain `top ranked police officer` by the name Waiganjo?I believe I have just stirred your memory.For close to two months he was the talk of the country and no gathering of patriots(especially outside nakumatt cityhall) would go without the mention of that name,Waiganjo.Maybe its due to the sheer brilliance with which he beat the country`s top intelligence brass.However Kenyans went ahead and  did what they did best,forget!                                                   On to another victim of Kenyans` amnesia,Huddah Monroe.She has to be the most brutalised victim of this habit portrayed by us.Weeks before the auditions of Big Brother Africa The Chase,she was all the hype on social media with all and sundry resting their hopes of bagging continental glory on her.Fast forward to a week after the launch of the show,she was evicted amid all the hype.If hype could translate to votes,she would have won hands down,but if wishes were votes?Before she could busk in her fame she was out of our minds and the only mention you get of her is an expression of how much weight someone has lost.example in a sentence,``have you not been eating?you look like Huddah``.Pun intended.
 Those are just a few examples of forgotten celebrities in our motherland.Next time you think about wanting to be famous,remember this article and weigh your options,find out if it is worth it.